Fleetneom Energy has many years of experience in the world trade in crude oil, petroleum and petrochemicals. 

our services

Over the course of our Several years in business, our product selection and turnover have steadily increased. We began as a residual fuels trader and have now expanded to include all types of motor fuels, feedstocks, blendstocks, and dry residuals such as petcoke and sulphur.

Fleetneom Energy are transferring oil and product-related expertise and competencies to other commodities such as petrochemicals, fertilisers, and soft commodities.

Fuel Oil & Vacuum Gasoil

We began as a fuel oil and VGO trader, and this is what we specialise in. We transport millions of tonnes of heavy feedstocks and residual fuels every year.

Middle Distillates

Commercial road transport, industrial, and marine fuels all use middle distillates. The middle distillates portfolio of Coral serves industrial and retail customers in a wide range of nations, from Europe to the Americas and Asia Pacific.


We supply naphtha to refineries, petrochemical plants, and other industrial users all over the world.


Fleetneom Energy is a well-established oil trader with offtake agreements and frequent purchases from major producers in Russia, Kazakhstan, the Middle East, the North Sea, the Gulf Coast of the United States, and Latin America, feeding refineries in Europe, the Mediterranean, and Asia Pacific.


We Supply clients in world wide with grades suitable for their jurisdictions.

Petrochemical Products

Petrochemicals are state-of-the-art products, and Fleet Neom Energy had been growing infrastructure to fit for sourcing and turning in them to customers.

Meet our people

Our company is built on the backs of our team. They are the most valuable resource we have. We value our team members and strive to create an environment in which they can achieve their full potential. Our company is international, and our employees are different.


Eng. Ibrahim Gomaa

Vice Chairman

Ahmed Kafafi

Vice Chairman

Essam Ibrahim Gomaa​


Eng. Essam Kafafi


Chem. Amr Moustafa Kamel

Head of Trading

Omar Kafafi

Business Development

Amal Kafafi

Board Member

mohamed ibrahim

We are committed to better serving our consumers, producers, and suppliers in a timely manner and delivering excellent performance as we continue to focus on strengthening our position by assisting in meeting global energy demand.


A whole range of services, functions, and capabilities must be easily available within the organisation for an efficient trading activity. Logistics, hedging, finance, and other tools and solutions must be in place.

our operations

As a prominent energy corporation, we trade, store, and transport petroleum, petrochemical products, and commodities on the most cost-effective terms all over the world.

Our location

Our logistics network, which is dispersed across key strategic sites around the world, allows us to provide long-term value to our customers.

Dubai Head Office

Cluster I, Platinum Tower, Jumeirah Lakes Towers Office 1403,

P.O. Box 336433,



UAE Tel: +971 455 16772

Fax: +971 455 20389

Email: info@fleetneom.com